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Die Stamped Packaging...literally

While trying to create packaging that had a simple utilitarian aesthetic, I was drawn towards simple boxes that could be opened and closed repeatedly unlike my previous clock packaging which was 'zippered' and couldn't be reused.  After devising some nets that were cut and scored by laser I realised the folds were too weak and would fall apart easily.  With the only option to bend the nets once the outline had been cut, I found myself using a paint scraper and hammer to indent the lines needed for folding, not ideal when one box takes 10 minutes to fold!  I decided instead to make a low tech two-part Die using protruding steel strips:
Failing to own any hydraulic equipment or a heavy industry facility, I decided the best course of action was to create as much downward force as possible without using something that would smash it to bits.  I can reveal I now create all my clock packaging by jumping on it, so please appreciate there is probably blood, sweat and tears in every product:
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